Prepaid Wireless Wholesale allows for a faster speed to market with our true carrier grade platform. From billing, rating, provisioning, lifecycle management and more, your MVNO will be operational in weeks, not months.

Rapid Deployment

We have a dedicated team to work through your Onboarding Process. Through this process, you define your Customer's Experience, and we implement it through our OCS. This gives your customers a true carrier grade experience for items such as 411, 611 and Operator Services. Don't worry, it's not months or years to develop, it's weeks and days.

API Suite

Our API suite allows your company to grow your user base quickly with ease of use and quick setup. Below are a few of the many features.

  • Activation
  • Coverage Check
  • Suspend
  • Porting
  • Disconnect
  • Add Airtime

Tier 2 & Tier 3 Support

Prepaid Wireless Group is a dedicated partner providing 24 hour support. Our Tier 2 and 3 Technical Support Team will assist in resolving your issues quickly and effectively, no matter what time of day. In the event that an issue needs additional support, the team is your single point of contact.


Our U.S. based pick, pack and ship operation has the flexibility to fulfill your business needs. We are staffed to support individual shipping, or bulk shipping with your company's information or marketing materials. In addition, we can manage your RMA (return merchandise authorization).

Never Pay For Overages Again

We have our own Radius and Diameter Servers, which allows us to have the ability for mid-session tear down of voice and data. We are able to accomplish this due to being in the call path.