With Prepaid Wireless Wholesale, we connect you at the network level. This unique integration allows for your customers to have a true carrier grade experience. Short code calling such as 411, 611, and Operator Services are direct. Even International Long Distance can be straight dialed. All with a piece of mind that your minute rating is real time, with no overages due to our ability to stop calls and data mid session.
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Rapid Deployment

We have a dedicated team to work through your Onboarding Process. Through this process, you define your Customer's Experience, and we implement it through our OCS. This gives your customers a true carrier grade experience for items such as 411, 611 and Operator Services. Don't worry, it's not months or years to develop, it's weeks and days.


We provide the support on preparing and equipping the development of new customer accounts with phone numbers, and rate plans.

24 / 7 Support

We have setup a system to maximum uptime, but in the event that something isn't working correctly, we have you covered. Rest assure that we are here no matter what time day or night.

International Long Distance

Your business can go through us to terminate the customers call, or a third party if you choose.

Call Detail Records

With mid-session tear down of voice and data, your company is protected against overages because of real-time CDR reporting.


Our system provides your company the flexibility to fulfill your customers' needs, with our ability to add printing on the SIM card itself, and help coordinate with retail packaging.